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Co-Dependents Anonymous in Canada

Co-Dependents Recovery Society - Supplying CoDA Literature to codependents since 1999.

Co-Dependents Recovery Society..

Supplies CoDA literature in Canada. To see the literature available for purchase go to our ONLINE WEBSITE. CDRS EStore

If you want to fax or email an order use this form: orderform>>

Our store is back. - Thanks for your patience

We are excited to announce our newest piece of literature, developed by the Experience, Strength and Hope Group in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.The Twelve-Piece Relationship Toolkit A valuable tool that will serve as a companion to the 12 step workbook or even as a workshop item by itself. Either way it is an opportunity to explore even deeper into relationships with ourselves and others.

Did you know that your group can advertise retreats, steps series and other CoDA related events. Check here to see if something is happening in your area >>

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If the information shown on the meeting list is not up to date please let us know. It is also very helpful to have a contact number for your group so newcomers can get information and we can check information. If you want to change information on the meeting list fill out and fax or mail the meeting update form to us.