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Co-Dependents Recovery Society

Upcoming Events

CoDA Canada now has an online Calendar where you can post your events



What's New

You are now able to purchase online our literature at

For all literature orders we require the 3 digit cvc # on the back of your credit card. This is to improve security with transactions.

Sharing Information/Brainstorming Ideas

CDRS would like to know how WE are doing and how YOU are doing. We would like to hear from representatives across Canada so we can submit a monthly report to CoDA Inc. For instance: what can we do to assist in organizing CoDA Canada. How can we attract more members, get the message out? Are we doing fun things in our recovery such as, retreats, CoDA days and picnics? Let us know and we will share the information with others so they will see that we are a thriving CoDA Community with a strong, functional beating heart.

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